Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Dings Reading for Alma


1. King of Swords – A crown with a sword through it and smoke. You will become royalty through after a battle.

2. Ace of Wands – Alchemists lab again. as part of the inheritance of the title you will also recieve a magical wand. Maybe related to a ‘fire’ related spell.

3. The Moon – Night in the pillars. You are very lonely. Waiting and looking at the moon showing animals. Near the see as there is a lobster.

4. Two of Cups – What you are waiting for. A patnership withthe person (seen previously in the cards with a red mark on their forard.) the person also haas a moon. could be related to the werewolves.

5. King of Coins – This new person (male) is more royal then you, and very very ritch. Offers you a amulet and a scepter. When you first come accross him he comes accross as a pauper.



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