Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Khalid's Vision of Kelmarane

Khalid's vision of a possible future without him by his friend's side.

You stand before a great expanse atop a tall mountain. The world is before you and what lies below is clearly Katapesh. You look below, closer to the mountain and find yourself drawn to a small town none other than Kelmarane.

“What do you see, Khalid?”, a voice beside you says.

“My family. My past. My future”, you reply.

“This is only part of that story. It goes far beyond that”, the voice whispers.

“But I have parted these lands. I may now return to those who I have lost. My mother. My father. I will see them once more in the afterlife”, you reply.

“You do not yet understand what you will leave behind young one. You have helped create this land once before, and are destined to rebuild it once more. You hold within you the power to change what has gone before, and what is to come”.

Your brow furrows, and you turn towards the voice. A young woman, dressed in flowing white robes, a golden Ankh around her neck, stands next to you. She looks familiar. She is as beautiful as is the sun as her soft blone hair and tanned skin radiate a warm glow.

“Do I know you?”, you ask.

“We speak every day Khalid. And you are one of my finest. You just do not realise that yet.”


“For hundreds of years I have watched over Golarion. I have fought beside men during war, looked over the shoulder of new parents, and laid down those who would bring hardship to their fellow man. I was with you when you born not of this plane, and was with you when you fell.”

“Who are you?” you ask.

“A path has been laid before you Khalid; a path which has been clouded by those whom seek to gain from the misfortune of others.”

Your face feels the warmth of her breath, and the softness of her voice. And yet you fear that which radiates from her heart. It burns at your soul, and you feel compelled to run.

“Fear not young Khalid. What has transpired in the world before you is the result of hundreds of years of manipulations from powerful beings, who believe themselves to be gods, twisting and turning the ways of men to meet their own desires. And now, as the final stoke of the unmakers pen is brushed across the canvas of destiny, the thread of the world has begun to unravel, and the Legacy of Fire has entered its final stage.”

“I do not understand”, you question.

“You need not understand now Khalid, son of Marilesh, sister of Vardishal. But in time you will. For now however, you must return and finish what you have begun. Find the strength within. Redeem what has fallen. Find the world within, and reclaim Golarion from the maw of the beast”.

Your eyes begin to burn and the young woman becomes a brilliant flash of light. You turn away, and below you see a horde of beasts; Gnoll, Hyena, and men. All surrounded by creatures of the elements, all charging towards Kelmarane. At the head of the charge strides a powerful Effriti. As the hordes rush the town, the Genie turns his attention towards you, and begins laughing at your predicament.

“You always were the fool Varidshal. With you gone, and your manipulations removed, I will now rule this world and reclaim what is mine, and at last will sit on the throne of Gloarion as ruler with my bride.”

Two voices yells from the centre of the town, as hundreds of men are slaughtered around them. The voices are those of Nini and Ding.

“Khalid. Are you OK? Kallid”

With that you realise that you are in the familiar surroundings of the old tower, surrounded by your friends.



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