Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Nini Dream

Rule numver furtin
Dreamy adventure inside big sandworm. Warning: take buoy to get out. Remember dream to keep bleaching away.

Nini’s Dream

Nini sitting near a very big fire with Ding. Black outside our fire glow. There is nothin, no noise, no smell, and nothin to touch. However we do have the biggest pesh cake I have ever seen, bigger than the head of Vash, and that is large! Nini & Ding floating in space beside a really big fire. Yahoooooo! Fun this is, hair glowing brite……I fly around fire in a circle. Ding tarot card flipping.

Nini: What will happen when my friends eat the yummie pesh cake I cook for them?

Ding tries to read the cards, but has no idea why he is moving them into three piles and shiffling them. But he does it again anyhow and still not know why he does it this way again. I think it is because there is no ground. Finally, he lays them out, they seem to float about like leaves falling gently from a tree. Ding manages to follow the cards, becoming upside down, or is it right side up and I am actually downside up. (laughing, rolling, having fun :) )

Card one – Knight of Coins
Ding: A little one. The knight with the secret passage. He has magic mushrooms.
Nini: I see the mushrooms :)

Card two – The Moon
Ding: Hallucinations. Thing in the moon.
Nini: What’s in the moon?
Ding: Looks like animals. 2 dogs. A lobster. They see a mirage and water and lobsters. Nighttime on the pillars.
Nini: Night time on the pillars.

Card three – The World
Ding: Ooohhh the moon and world together. Flying high. See visions of Knight of Coins because his shadow is in the world. He will give the key to the world.

Nini: What do we have to do?
Ding: Take another reading to see.

Ding has got it sorted now and flips out another three cards with no effort at all.

Card one – The Emperor
Ding: We have to speak to the emperor. He’s the power of heat or fire. Maybe he’s the husband of the wife, dancing in the fire.
Nini: The one we saw dancing in the tower.
Ding: Yes

Card two – Three of coins
Ding: Sneaking away in the night
Nini: Who is sneaking away in the night?
Ding: awwww good question. In the moonlight to same place as the magic mushrooms. It looks like him, our friend the Knight.

Card three – Five of Swords
Ding: The swords dicing with danger, danger will robinson. That’s us following, looking up to somebody.
Nini: Who we lookin up to?
Ding: He’s filthy and red on his head.
Nini: Looks like Piranya
Ding: It is, Piranya.

The fire goes out. The blackness crushes around me.

Nini: Ding ding where are you?

There is no answer. There is nothing. Only me, I am here but I am not here!



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