Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Ninny and Ding planning their watch

Ninny and Ding planning their watch

Ding: you can tell if pirania gets injured (when we are away)?
Ding: they are putting sleeping people in front of the doors :-(

Ninny: excellent, i will be in front of the door, pretend to be asleep, open the door and then buzz off to the secret door :) i will tell you the password :)

Ding: but the person on watch will be able to see us

Ninny: not if they are looking the opposite way

Ding: i don’t think we should do this ninny…we will give them a heart attach

Ninny: maybe we can make a dummy gnome to look like we are asleep still :)

Ding: what if they think we have been kidnapped?

Ninny: prestidigitation nini & ding :)
lol they won’t even know we are gone
sneaky sneaky
heart detach hahahah

Ding: for some reason I rekon we will feel great and more powerful after our sleep… i reckon we sneak out when every one is awake and they are eating brekkie… then we can be sure they are all safe (& not asleep and vulnrable)?

Ninny: oohhhhh good idea

Ding: when we are on watch we can play ‘guess the animal’ with our shadow puppets



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