Almah Roveshki

"We will take Kelmarane for the Pactmasters, and for my family name".


Almah is a beautiful, young merchant princess who, like the generations before her, serves the Pactmasters of Katapesh. Tasked with retaking the lost village of Kelmarane, Almah has assembled a caravan of roughly 20 heads in an effort to remove the Gnoll clan that has claimed the village and to rebuild it up to it’s former stature some twenty years ago.


Almah has been well trained in the martial arts, but rarely shows this unless the situation warrants. She is a no-nonsense kind of leader, with a stern look, and forceable demeanor. Almah’s weakness however is that she can be easily mislead. It is therefore quite obvious why she has made a close companion of Garavel who seems to act as her conscious, her military adviser and personal confidant.

Since the loss of her spirtual advisor and astrologer, Eloais, Almah has become quite withdrawn and has relied even more heavily on Garavel and her mentor Zastoran. More recently, since being manipulated by the Imp which travelled back from the Asmodeous Mirage with the party, Almah has recovered much of this submissiveness and has again regained her composure. Even more recently she has engaged the Gnome Ding to act as a replacement for Eloais which, considering she despised the Gmones for their antics since meeting them, seems a little odd.

Almah Roveshki

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