Almah's Mercenaries

"We live by the coin, and we die by the coin"


Two catagories of guards are part of Almah’s party – the loyal personal guards assigned to protect her by the Pactmasters themselves, and mercenaries she hired at Solku to bolster her group’s strength. The two groups are however quite different in personality.


The six mercenaries made up of three men (Trevvis – the aparent leader, Utarchus, and Dullen) and three women (Kallien, Brotis, and Yesper). They are a disreputable lot, thick with soiled armor and greasy hair, a distinct contrast to the well-mannered, meticulously attired soldiers who guard Almah at all times. Although they act the part, the mercenaries are nowhere near as tough as they appear or portray themselves to be. There are all fairly intimidating, however it has already become clear that they are nothing more that middling battlefield pawns. All are very hard working, although they are nowhere near as refinded as thier Pactmaster commanded counterparts.

Almah's Mercenaries

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