Camel Drivers

"Going out all this way won't be possible without the help of our animals"


This friendly, late middle-aged human couple tends the dozen-or-so animals kept by Almah’s band as food or transportation. The merchant princess hired them from the nearby town of Solku. Everyone seems to like the man, Hadrod, and his wife, Hadrah, who also help cook the camp’s meals and take care of many additional menial tasks. Both are tremendous gossips and make a game of keeping tabs on everyone in the camp. The arrival of the heroes excites them for the most part, however the antics of the Gnomes during the fire at Sultans Claw made them weary of this new help.


Hadron and Hadrah have let by-gones be by-gones when it comes to the other heroes in particular Kay’Enn who they see as the leader of the heroes. The two are quick to converse with the other party members also especially at breakfast when the enjoy peppering their new friends with questions about their backgrounds, clothes, and interests. The twp are also excellent cooks, and are therefore well liked by all the members of the caravan.

Camel Drivers

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