"I was raised by gnolls. They taught me who I am."


Dashki, a self confessed loner, is generally rude and has rough-hewn, almost feral manners. Anyone who spends any time with Dashki immediately notices that his powerful body odor betrays a man with a very loose relationship with hygiene. He dresses in filthy rags and walks with a slight limp due to an old injury, propping himself up with a gnarled wooden staff.


After years of hunting Gnolls, and loosing many friends to their savagry, Dashki took it upon himself to become a regional scout, leading teams of hunters and government men into the wilds to reclaim lands lost to gnoll incursions. Dashki avoided the Severed Paw at Fort Longjaw, although he has been known to provide information to them from time to time. His last port of call was in Solku where he set up a stall in the markets, offering his services to the highest bidder. It was not until a month or so ago, when a beautiful woman happened by his stall. The woman was Almah, and she was preparing to investigate the land granted to her by the Pactmasters namely the area surrounding Kelmarane.

Dashki was immediately smitten, and although she was visibly replused by his attitude and demeanor, she could not walk past his skills and the price that she easily negotiated him down to. Subsequently Almah hired the mangy, dart-eyed Dashki.

Since Kelmarane was said to be under the control of gnolls, Dashki’s services would come in handy and he quickly explained what she was up against. Largely due to Dashki’s animated first-hand accounts of gnoll savagery, Almah gave up on the idea of diplomacy, and she keeps him around because she trusts his advice, despite his eccentricities.

Since meeting the heroes, Dashki has not endeared himself to them although the Gnomes Ding and Nini appear to have taken a liking to him, even going so far to help encourage him to court Almah. Dashki’s hopes of befriending the heroes seemed to go well after helping defeat the Dustdigger which had almost killed him new Gnome friends. Dashki however undid all that he had worked for when his plan for negotiating an alliance with his Gnoll tribe, the Three Jaws Tribe, and the heroes went horribly wrong, and Dashki was seen to be a traitor in the eyes of the heroes.

Dashki left the heroes after trying to explain himself, and immediately went to Almah advising her of the heroes whereabouts. This was an opportunity that allowed Dashki to be seen in a positive light to Almah, and allowed him to leave the monastary for good. Dashki’s current whereabouts are unknown, but it is clear that Dashki will not soon forget what occurred between him and the heroes.


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