"Please. Tell me another story. But nothing about spiders".


Enkendu is a crazy brass dragon who was trapped in the Asmodeous Mirage for the last 900 years. He entered the valley just after one of the centennial rains and became trapped here when the Mirage shifted away from Golarion.

Enkendu can only be defined as a little bit simple, compared with other Dragons of his kind, and it is no wonder that since becoming trapped he was unable to get out. With no one but the other denizens of the valley to converse with, most notably the gnolls and what devils will speak to him, he has gone a bit stir crazy for new people to converse with.

Enkendu has a bitter hatred for spiders which became apparent after a force of them invaded his home the last time the Asmodeous Mirage appeared on Goralion. It was not until the heroes arrived, and helped cleanse his home was he happy to venture back inside. It was a pitty that his new friends decided to steal from him, otherwise he would have invited them in for tea.

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