"We will honour those who are true and just".


With a lantern jaw and short black hair, the dashing Garavel looks more like a swordsman than an accountant and business expert, yet it is he who oversees much of Almah’s personal business.

The party was hired by Garavel upon Almah’s request to travel with him to the Sultan’s Claw before moving onto the clearing of Kelmarane.

Garavel has shown little emotion since meeting the heroes. He is loyal to Almah, and to the Pactmasters equally, and has an unnatural calmness to his demeanor. The heroes have noticed a strange bolt like device which appears to have been inlaid in the side of Garavel’s head.

Recently, Garavel has revealled that the bolt is a gift from the Pactmasters which allows him to not be so easily swayed by creatures and beings who manipulate the mind, and a resolve second to none.


Little is known of Garavel’s past which is possibly due to his upbringing in the Court of the Pactmasters.


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