Book: The Birth of Light & Truth

Book - The Birth of Light & Truth


The one book common to all churches of Sarenrae is The Birth of Light and Truth. This text is unusual because it includes stories from times before Sarenrae was a true goddess, describing the creatures she faced and including a long list of names of fiends and horrors she destroyed long before mortals learned writing. The rest of the book is more practical than historical, explaining the beliefs of the church, offering advice on dealing with sin and temptation, and many parables of evil creatures seeing the light of the Dawnflower and turning to good, productive lives thereafter.

The book also contains simple folk remedies for common illnesses and injuries, as well as helpful hints for dealing with common supernatural or monstrous evils, such as that vampires are vulnerable to garlic. Most copies contain extra pages for the owner to record uplifting stories he experiences or hears in order to repeat them to others, and any copy containing a firsthand anecdote from a great priest or paladin is especially prized as a family or church heirloom. It is customary for a hero of the church who performs some great deed for a person or temple to write a brief account in or at least sign a local’s copy of Light and Truth (as it is commonly known) as a memento and historical record.

In the case of this text, there are several passages in a variety of handwritings which indicate that this is more than just belonging to one holy man or woman. It is celarly the experiences of numerous priests and holy men. Upon further study, the book shows that each Priest is from a different age and in fact were the Head Priests in Kelmarane.

This book is indeed a Holy Relic.


Book: The Birth of Light & Truth

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