Zayifid's Books (Notebook and Holy Text)

Located in a private study within the House of the Beast


Zayifid Journals consists of a heavily annotated copy of The Birth of Light and Truth, the holy book of the church of Sarenrae. The last several pages of this copy, normally blank for the owner appear to be a record of Zayifid’s own experiences, and are filled with notes and page references to elsewhere in the book. Written in Ancient Osirian, the notes explain of his plans to pose as a priest of Sarenrae in order to trick a band of heroes into raiding the House of the Beast so that the he can step in and take control of the House of the Beast once the Carrion King is dead.

The book also contains notes and explanations of numerous writings and legends surrounding the history of the House of the Beast, its creation many centuries ago by a mysterious “spirit of fire” to serve as a place for mortals to worship him, and the likely existence of the Pit of Screaming Ghosts somewhere deeper under the temple’s lower level.

The handwritten notebook contains page after page of prayers written in Ancient Osirian and another unknown language to Rovagug. Closer examination reveals that these prayers have apparently been transcribed from another source and then heavily analyzed, dissected, and examined. The focus of this analysis seems to be a search for an entrance to a place called “The Pit of Screaming Ghosts,” a location the author believes to be the crypts of the House of the Beast and the resting place of someone named Shirak.

The last page of the notebook mentions something called the Scroll of Kakishon, said to be a great treasure worth a fortune that was buried with the gnoll Shirak ages ago, yet no further information about this scroll can be found in the notes.


Zayifid's Books (Notebook and Holy Text)

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