Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Kay'Enn's Journal - 11-06-4709
Reconnaissance & an encounter in the pesh fields

Building repairs were due to take several days, so we organised the watch to include a regular survey of the movements in and around the village of Kelmarane. Combined with Vash’s use of some impressive magical powers, the ken of which was beyond my simple knowledge, we determined that there was little organisation to the movements of gnolls within the village. Vash did see some sort of demon-like creature bearing a large axe, which was cause for concern and we decided it would be good if a closer inspection of the village was in order.

Once we had rested and had a meal, Vash and I left for Kelmarane, cloaked in darkness and accompanied by the ever-present howls from the village and the answering howls from Pale Mountain.

Approaching the village from the South, we observed a series of escarpments with a road leading into the centre of the village. I scaled the first 20’ escarp and attached a rope to a stout but stunted tree on the first terrace, allowing Vash an easy route up to join me. While he was climbing up, I observed a group of four gnolls heading down the main thoroughfare that looped up to a large domed structure in the centre of the village. Once they had passed, untying the rope, I climbed the next 30’ up to the road and used another tree to help Vash climb up too.

Approaching the first set of buildings, we discovered signs of a single occupant from several weeks past in one of the larger buildings. While in there, I saw the gnoll patrol returning back up the road. We left the building once they had passed and headed back down the road in the direction from which they had come, to investigate the ruins that were there. I left Vash in the cover of some low scrub while I crept forward to investigate amongst the ruined buildings. I immediately noticed a group of 4 gnolls who were deep in discussion.

Overhearing that they were on high alert because of the activity at the ruined monastery, we decided to head back to camp to report what we had discovered.

En route, we heard a scream, which sounded remarkably akin to that of a gnome in trouble. Running forward with Vash and Xuum, I saw a fang-filled depression in the ground from which some tentacles were emerging. A dust-digger! Nini was being drawn into it’s maw, and Piranya was trying hard to extract her by pulling on a rope, that was until he disappeared. This did not bode well for Nini! Dashki seemed to be observing, but once the gnomes got into trouble, he drew his scimitar and leapt to their aid. I will admit to having little liking for the man, but this act of selflessness has made a positive impression.

Khalid and some guards soon arrived on the other side of the creature, while Ding hurled himself into the creature’s mouth clutching something large and round. I was firing arrow after arrow into the creature, when there was a loud explosion and the dust-digger was reduced to a pulped and charred mass of flesh. The gnomes were ejected at high speed from the remains of it’s mouth at the time of the explosion, and Dashki seemed unpeturbed by the ichor with which he was now drenched, and continued to rant and scream at the creature while hacking at it with his scimitar.

Khalid approached Nini, while I headed to Ding. At this point the guards expressed the intention to “finish them off”, which concerned me greatly. Khalid Announced loudly that Nini was dead, but I noticed a couple of subtle hand movements and a look in his eye when he glanced my way that suggested that there was more to the situation than met the eye. I quickly confirmed the same about Ding, even though I had already determined that while unconscious, he was still breathing and alive. Khalid used this deception to send the guards back to Almah with news of the gnomes’ death, while we calmed Dashi with the truth as he was consumed with grief at the thought of the death of his “only friends”…

We briefly discussed the situation – Khalid informed us that there had been an altercation at the Monastery which had resulted in the gnomes fleeing the place, and Almah had sent him after them to “take care of them”. While I do not wish to believe the worst of our employer, I must admit that the evidence was damning. I suggested that Vash tended to the gnomes somewhere secure, while Khlaid and I headed back to camp and spoke with Almah to determine her intentions and whether or not there might have been a misunderstanding…

Ding's Collectable Figures

Pugwompi Collectables

  1. Rambo Wompi
  2. Wompette
  3. Ninja Wompi
  4. Granpa Wompi
  5. Conan Wompi
Kay'Enn's Journal - 10-06-4709 - Part 2

Signalling the caravan, we tried to clear the corpses from our various encounters, and prepare the monastery for our employer’s arrival. Having moved the majority of the dead bodies a suitable distance from the building so as to not attract unwelcome predators, Vash and I returned to the secret garden via the eastern side of the monastery. In doing so we passed through the monastery’s graveyard. On one of the grave markers we spotted the glint of something suspended from a gold chain. It was a amulet shaped like a small gong and Vash said it was definitely magical. What it does exactly, we have not had time to determine, but we took it with us.

On arrival at the secret garden, we were greeted by the sight of flea-ridden mattresses strewn about, and the eidolon straining to relocate another into the room, while the gnomes encouraged him verbally from outside the other door. Neither Vash nor I were impressed, and Vash hurled the gnomes’ Gyre egg against the wall. When Nini started to burn the mattresses to “get rid of the fleas”, we decided to vacate the room permanently and leave it to the gnomes.

Instead we headed down the road to meet the caravan and pre-empt the disappointment that Almah would doubtless express at the gnomes’ shenanigans.

Garavel greeted us and asked how we had fared. During our brief recounting of events, he became increasingly distracted, and looking over our shoulders back towards the monastery, we saw that the gnomes’ small fire was producing a pillar of smoke, that through he use of some sort of their usual arcane trickery it was now a bright green colour. Trying to explain this was really more than I could take, so I allowed Vash to explain as best he could, and he and I then suggested that recent events may have made the Monastery an obvious target for assault and that we would feel more comfortable locating a more suitable campsite. From my point of view, this would be a welcome rest from the constant stress of dealing with the gnomes, even if it were only for one night.

We had limited light remaining, but used it to find a small cave in which we could camp for the night, and set about making it as homely as possible in the time we had.

The next day we returned to the monastery, and proceeded to breach what minimal security had been established by the party and Almah’s other employees. Unfortunately, this resulted in me being at least temporarily appointed “head of security”. Vash and I decided an attempt should be made to repair the breach in the roof through which I had gained entry. With this in mind we headed to the pesh fields below the monastery to gather the spiny cactus branches as building materials. The gnomes came with us, we assumed to help, but it soon became obvious that they (as usual) had their own agenda.

Ding's Tarrow Reading #7
Wat r we going to finde in the chapel?

ace of Curps – ceramonial chalace and bred circles(u no, the ones you put on your tung)

10 of wands – surrounded by fire … chalace must pretect from fire

3 of curps – there is 3 of them

Kay'Enn's Journal - 10-06-4709
Critters in the Chapel

The day started so well with my usual acknowledgements to Erastil as I hunted at the rise of the sun for our morning repast.

From the garden, we headed into the ruined nave of the Abbey, in pursuit of the gnomes, who had once again used their magics to summon a pony and were cantering around the place with wild abandon. We found them in the main body of the chapel, where a grisly chandelier of gnoll heads hung from the ceiling, and the ceiling itself seemed badly damaged. At one end of the Chapel, where the ceiling was missing, there appeared to be some sort of fabric stretched between the rafters, and across it we could detect the movement of some sort of creatures and the unwelcome sound of pugwampis snickering and giggling in their loathsome way.

Remembering that many of the windows of the uppr portion of the chapel were smashed, and open to the elements, I ran from the ensuing combat and leapt through a ground floor window opening to gain access to the outside. From there, I ran at pace to below the broken main window of the chapel, and using the handholds present between the weathered stone blocks, I scaled the wall to gain entrance to the top floor from which many of the attacks seemed to be originating.

Crouched on the window ledge I soon became a target for the nearest pugwampis. While my companions attacked from the floor of the chapel, I used my hunting skills to pick off as many of the horrid little creatures as possible. By the end of the conflict, the rafters were alight from one of Khalid’s errant firebombs, and the lord of the pugwampis was screaming and flailing amongst my companions. As they dealt him the fatal blow, I used the disintegrating fabric that the pugwampis had strung between the rafters as a nest to swing down and join my friends.

Searching the detritus that was the pugwampis nest, we found a number of useful items – I took possession of a ring, which Ding assured me would protect me should I fall from a great height. I have yet to test this theory, and am hoping that I will not have cause to do so!

Ding was collecting pugwampi corpses and piling them up, not to destroy them, as I first thought, but to catalogue them for some collection that she and Nini were planning…I decided to leave them to it as soon as I heard them use the terms “shrunken heads” and “little dolls”…

Vash and I investigated a secret door that we had detected earlier in our stay and found it to lead to a secret garden. Open to the air, we agreed this would be the ideal place for us to camp duiring our stay in the monastery.

We signalled the caravan to move up from their camp. At that point we heard a howl from Kelmarane and more disturbingly, a return howl in answer from Pale Mountain…the unmistakable sound of gnolls!

Ding's Tarrow Reading #6

What are we gong to find in Room of cwarters

sefan of cups: burnt Alcemist (by litning)

nite of cups: green maze in the trees

fife of coyns: fiter stuff (like shield, sword or lance)

Ding's Tarrow Reading #5

What are we going to find in this neu area (entrence/inside church hall)

Five of Wans: Beware Snakes

Ace of Cups: A cermonal cup, and charms

The High Priestess: at the alter, with a madic scroll

Vash's Notes: The Pugwampi Nest
Pugwampis as collectables, well who'da thunk it

10th Saranith 4709

As we settled in we were rudely awoken by an attack from pugwampis both below and above. We briefly struggled with them and chased them outside killing them soon after. It was determined that they came from an area only the gnomes had briefly checked. Reluctantly and desperate for sleep I agreed to go with them.

We soon found some stairs down and discovered a disgusting Laboratory covered in slimes and molds. Nini immediately licked some, Gozreh only knows why, and she said it was the same as some she tried earlier. As we entered the room two slime creatures rose up and attacked Khalid. Kay raced to intervene but not before one of them had struck the boy. The wound was obviously infected and in his embarrassment at failing to avoid the attack he left immediately. In some over sentimental human/elf gesture Kay followed. The gnomes soon got bored and left too. I finished thoroughly checking the laboratory before heading back upstairs. I tracked the gnomes, easily I might add, to the atrium jungle where I found Khalid digging while Kay and the gnomes pondered 2 obviously Geir eggs. I told them they’re a large vulture like bird, very territorial in nature and certainly wouldn’t be happy finding someone messing about with its eggs. As usual the gnomes didn’t seem to pay attention.

Soon after Khalid pulled out a box from the hole he’d dug and produced some kind of slinging arm glove thing from within. When he attached it suddenly all this green mold fused it and his arm together and he started spouting on about how it was his destiny to use it, very unsettling really. We then headed off to check the remaining part of the temple.

We started exploring the chapel and discovered a massive nest within the rafters with a seemingly endless supply of pugwampis. At first I thought Kay ran in fear but it turns out he had climbed the outside walls to the upper gallery in an attempt to flank and attack the little horrors . After much fighting we finally overcame a horde of the creatures and defeated their King, Moknokk.

Ding decided to collect many of the pugwampis as some strange form of voodoo collection, I’ve no idea why but the smell is starting to tell. After burning the bodies of most of the creatures we killed I returned to our secret scrub grove to find those f@#$*^@ gnomes had moved in and brought all the flea infested mattresses with them. Realising that the fleas were bad they then decided to get rid of them by setting it on fire. This of course spread to the grove destroying my sanctuary. With complete disgust Kay and I left the monastery determined to find sleeping arrangements outside somewhere where it was safe. We came across Garavel and the caravan on our way out and told him we’d secured it. As I indicated toward the building I saw green smoke the gnomes had thoughtlessly coloured rising from the grove. Perfect for alerting all in the valley to our presence. Gozreh help me, I think the gnomes are trying to kill us.

The night passed fairly quietly. Perfect even considering all the problems we’ve had. Kay’enn even managed to get a full nights sleep for a change. In the morning we went to update Almah who urged us to engage in guerrilla tactics as soon as possible against Kellmarane.

Kay'Enn's Journal - 09-06-4709
Underground for a fungal foray

Once everyone was reasonably settled in the library, a silence fell across the room, and it was not long before I heard a slight noise from the corridor outside, and from the roof above. I nudged Khalid awake with my foot as I readied my bow, and looking upwards to the roof, I saw one of the roof shingles move as it was pulled aside. I took a bead on the newly formed hole just as a pugwampi looked in through the opening, and let loose with my arrow. A squeal of pain reassured me that my arrow had found its mark, but the creature re-appeared almost immediately and hurled a rotting head at me. The foul missile struck me and burst open showering me in a foul spray of biting insects and rotting flesh. My stomach churned and the bile rose – as I retched uncontrollably, the insect swarm bit me mercilessly.

Meanwhile, the alarm that Nini had set on the library door was triggered, and the rest of the party were soon awake. My awareness of what happened over the following seconds was blurred by my nausea which was incapacitating, but the pugwampi on the roof was driven I did hear Nini cry out at some unseen enemy as she opened the door and ran outside.

Once my nausea had passed, I vaulted over the balcony, and ran out of the room to find that Nini had summoned a large frog, which along with Xuum had cornered 3 pugwampis. After a pitched battle, we managed to kill all of the creatures, and were able to retreat back to the library for the remainder of our well-earned rest.

After our rest, we all decided to investigate further in the ruined temple, and soon found a stairwell leading down. The walls were covered with mold and Nini confirmed (by taste!) that this was the very same “yukky” mold that they had discovered on their earlier foray into the catacomb. At the bottom of the staircase, we found a mold-encrusted door, on the other side of which was a laboratory of some kind.

Khalid ventured inside with Sheba, and was nearing a central workbench with two large flasks of a strange green substance when I saw the surface of the stuff move of its own accord. Shouting a warning, I leapt from the bench on which I stood to the adjacent surface and kicked the flask away from him. It shattered on the floor and from the shards of glass arose a man-sized formation created from some sort of slimy mold! The other flask proceeded to produce a similar form, and Khalid and I were soon embattled. Fortunately, the creatures seemed easy to dispatch, but at that point we noticed that Khalid had taken some sort of wound from them, and was acting very strangely. Pushing past us, he headed back up the stairs as if in a trance.

Leaving Vash to search the laboratory, I followed Khalid who quickly headed to the overgrown garden area and started to dig in the dirt. When pressed for an explanation, all he could tell me was that he needed to dig. I helped as best as I could, retrieving a tray from the kitchen, and bending it so that we could use it as a makeshift shovel.

Meanwhile, the gnomes, who had also followed us, climbed up the tree to the nest that we had spotted earlier. There they discovered 2 more large eggs and brought one down to ground level. Vash, who had caught up with us by now, identified it as the egg of a Large Vulture called a Gyre, and in our haste to prevent the gnomes from cooking and eating it immediately, we made the mistake of mentioning that if they let it hatch, they could have their own fledgling Gyre to train. This has, of course, become their latest exciting task, although how long it will last, Erastil only knows!

Khalid soon hit a solid object and drew from the hole a box, in which was one of the strange weapons that he uses to hurl objects a great distance. He strapped it onto his arm and said it felt really good – although we all noticed a green mold growing up his arm. Khalid assured us that there was nothing to worry about though, and that he heard voices telling him that it was his destiny to wield such a weapon.

I remain unsure as to whether our friend has been possessed of some sort of demon – from my experience, when things turn mouldy, they are to be discarded. Mouldy food should not be eaten except in extreme cases, and gangrenous limbs should be amputated. So far, however, Khalid seems healthy and strong, and apart from the symptoms of fungal infection on his arm, is his old self again. I will await the arrival of Almah and her entourage and ask for advice from Zastoran, but in the meanwhile, I would not be Khalid’s friend if I did not keep an eye on him for any signs of latent evil coursing through his young veins…

Although now I think about it, I will admit that it is strange that the warrior in the bas-relief we studied earlier was bearing such a weapon – perhaps it is indeed an item of great arcane power, and Khalid has been chosen for a higher purpose. If so, I shall be honoured to be counted amongst his companions, and help him achieve his goals.

Ding's Tarrow Reading #4

Navegatng throgh the cripts

wen Nini and me went into the monks cripts (which is behind the sceret door behind the saint) we whent down the stares and cam acros a cros intasection. wit the choose of 3 coridors we uset the Tarrow to gide us the rite way:

left option: was the eight of swords OR strate ahead: was Ace of coins OR Right: was Five of cups.

we choose go strate ahead because: the Ace of coins showed a older version of the Gardian (saint) from the previous reading (same mushrooms and symbol in sky).

We then came to another cross intasection, with the top coridor havng a mossy door.. (Nini siad it tasted yuck).

left: Deth (with skelly) OR throogh door: The World OR rite: King of wands

Go Rite King of wands showed the king (of desert) waring a necklase, and siting ontop of a fire (without burning).

Wen Prina looked doen this coridor he saw bones. we got him to have a look closer and he found a box with the symbol of Saronray.

On opening the box later wit the others, it had a brooch with a protectin from fire (the fire diamond from the last reading).


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