Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Ding's Tarrow Reading #3

Wat do we need to look for in the Moinstry

9 of sords: Hidden

6 of wands: Diamond of Fire

knight of coyns: by a guard (pretecter/knight).. posisblie pretecter off childron

Vash's Notes: Clearing Sarenrae's House
The trouble with fleas

9th Saranith 4709

It turns out that what I at first thought of as a girlish scream turned out to be Kay’ens startled surprise at a huge spider attacking him from the ceiling. I still find it hard to identify gender in pink skins by their involuntary calls. Piranya and Khalid helped him down the pest while Xuum and I killed the remaining pugwampi. We kept searching and Khalid soon found another spider infested room. It nearly fatally wounded Sheba before we finished it off. I managed to bring her back to consciousness by using up one of my remaining scrolls.

Nini, after being admonished for trying to light a massive bonfire in one of the explored rooms raced into the new room and bounced all over the bunk beds and became infested with fleas. From then on we avoided Nini like the plague. I had no intention of letting Xuum or myself become afflicted.

We carried on through the ruin and came to a cloistered garden which was overgrown. Kay spied a huge nest through the tangled weeds and we decided to leave it alone for now. Later Nini told me pugwampis attacked her with a giant egg from that nest but I find it hard to believe. Although the egg all over her was a nice effect in her attempt to convince me. Gnomes it appears will go to any lengths to fool others to take part in their childish games. Kay later told me this was true.

Bas relief carvings covered the outside walls telling the story of a Djinn lord and a saint of Sarenrae who appears to be the God this monastery is dedicated to. we then moved into an ante-chamber with a statue of the saint with arms held awaiting offerings. I presented a torch of light in honour of Sarenrae and all in the room received her blessing.

The next room led into an octagonal chamber with vaulted ceilings and splattered with gore and guano. We proceeded with caution and for all our waving of torches it didn’t alert us to the sudden attack by Stirges. They latched on to me, Khalid and Sheba, dropping Sheba into unconsciousness again.

We headed back to the library to rest and recuperate. Unfortunately the gnomes had failed to keep up, most likely attracted by the latest shiny. After a thorough search of the room we found a book titled the Courts of Stone and Flame – a book about genies and their kin.

Just as Kay started wondering where the gnomes were, they turned up and related a scarcely believable story about catacombs and magic items. Eventually after identifying some of the evidence we settled down for a well earned rest.

Nini Gnome Survival Guide

Rule numver ate
Make no noise when trying to start fire to smoke out spiders…..Note…look behind you!

Rule numver nihn
Ghost noises make storytelling super fun…Note…battle sounds!

Rule numver x
Pugwampies throw eggs from nest…Note…be ready to catch egg, egg on face hurts but tastes good!

Rule numver leven
Jumping on beds makes you itch, itchy feels funni….Note…no friends when itchy!

Rule numver twealf
Big egg shell helmut makes big light in dark!

Rule numver firten
Open secret doors and find lots of pretty things….Note…skeltons try to keep magic pretties, but scream and they poof to dust!

Kay'Enn's Journal - 09-06-4709
Temple-clearing duties...

My blood froze as the spider lunged towards me. Casting aside the empty potion bottle I dodged to one side and felt its fangs sink into my backpack, narrowly missing my neck! My cry of alarm must have been heard, as before I could react, Pira’nya lunged into the room and savaged the spider. I hacked at it with my sword, and Khalid quickly joined the fray, killing the foul beast with a hurled stone, which unfortunately resulted in no small amount of ichor splattering my clothing and armour!

The room had an exit on the far side, but it proved to be swollen shut and impossible to open. There were some holes in the roof, but the room was still obviously some sort of dining area with tables and chairs.

Khalid headed to search the next room and disturbed another spider. Sheba was hurt in the process, but we managed to overcome that foe also. It was at this point that I heard the sound of breaking furniture from the refectory behind me.

Returning, I came across Nini smashing chairs and piling the broken wood in the center of the room. I scruffed her, and hoisting her to eye level, I asked what she was doing. She said she was making a bonfire to “smoke out the bad things”. Trying to keep things simple for her little gnome brain, i did my best to explain why this was a bad idea – not helped at all by Ding’s overzealous insistence that I drop his sister and leave her alone! She eventually accepted my point of view as being valid, and I lowered her to the floor again and left the gnomes in discussion with each other, choosing instead to follow the rest of my companions who had headed off down a corridor beyond a room which appeared to be a library of some sort.

The passage led to a cloister around a central open-air garden, which was heavily overgrown. The outer wall of the cloister was decorated with a bas-relief showing scenes in which the main protagonists were a male Efreet and and a female Djinn. Khalid said it represented the great Genie War, which devastated the region hundreds of years ago. As he recounted the story it was as if the sounds of the battle permeated my mind…it was so real, but stopped as soon as he stopped relating the tale. Engaging though this was, I was distracted by the sound of rustling from the overgrown garden, and noticed high in the branches of a tall tree, a huge nest. As I watched, I spotted a pair of pugwampis in the nest heft a large egg and hurl it down, where it smashed on the head of Nini. While the pugwampi and his friends cackled from high in the tree, Nini seemed unfazed by the attack and scooped globs of egg off her face and ate them.

In the meanwhile, Vash, Khalid and their animal companions investigated rooms off the cloister. Only moments later I heard a shout for aid from Vash, which identified their foes…Stirges!

I rushed to their aid, to find that Vash and Xuum had already disposed of their assailant, but saw that Khalid and Sheba were both still afflicted by stirges that had attached themselves to their flesh and were draining their blood. I took a bead on the one which was feeding from Khalid, and loosed my arrow, watching with grim satisfaction as the shot skewered the creature, killing it. This allowed Khalid the opportunity to kill the remaining stirge and yank its twitching corpse from Sheba just as she fell unconscious from her wounds. Vash stabilised her and Khalid picked her up, and we headed back towards the library to rest up, inspecting the remainder of the the bas-relief as we went.

On returning to the library, we set ourselves the task of searching the place for interesting manuscripts. Most of the books and scrolls on the shelves were worthless or crumbled to dust when handled, but eventually we found a book that was in much better condition. Entitled “Courts of Stone and Flame” it was a treatise on Genies of the elemental planes. I examined it and determined it to be worth some considerable sum – approximately 300 gold if we can find a buying at some point in the future. Khalid sat down to read it’s contents while I tended to Sheba’s wounds and made sure that she was comfortable. If it be the will of Erastil, she may survive the night and should be on her feet with rest and some further care.

With our focus elsewhere, it was only then that I noticed that the gnomes were absent…where they had got to, I had no idea, but based on their previous behaviour, it could not be a good sign.

True to form, just as we were wondering if we should go and look for them, there was a loud banging on the barricaded door to the library. From the other side we heard the gnomes’ voices, so we let them in, to be greeted by excited faces and the sight of Nini wearing half an egg on her head, which was glowing with light. They were dragging a bag with various items and had a map of corridors that they claimed that they had discovered below the monastery. Amongst the items they showed us were a mace, and a small teak box that was engraved with the holy symbol of Sarenrae. Khalid opened it and inside, on a padded lining was a brooch – Ding said she had checked and it was magical, as was the mace. Extensive discussion ensued, and confusion reigned when they mentioned that they had left a magical dagger behind, in favour of struggling back with a mace!

I suggested that we should rest for a short while, before returning to the catacomb to retrieve the dagger, and take note of any other clues that the gnomes’ over-enthusiastic eyes may have missed. And anyway, Khalid was reading the tome we had found, and was just starting to discover information relating to the five individuals shown on the bas-relief, as well as the identity of the one of those behind whose statue, the gnomes had found the secret door to the crypt. Of course, the gnomes both had different ideas to the rest of us, announcing that they had already entered into an agreement with each other to investigate the nest in the overgrown garden. I argued my case most strongly however, and eventually got them to recognise the sense of a short period of recuperation before venturing into more trouble.

Vash's Notes: It Had to Be Pugwampis
or The Further Trials and Tribulations of Kay'Enn

9th Saranith 4709

I have tended to Kallien and Utarchus through the night. Thankfully they were unconscious as I feel they would have recoiled from my ministrations without some introduction. Utarchus awoke groggily in the early morning and was concerned about Kallien and the fire but I settled him down again to recover.

About nine in the evening Kay returned full of bristles and two arrow wounds caused by what turned out to be pugwampis, a creature I have had dealings with before. I informed him they were Gremlins of the badlands, revering the gnolls as gods. But due to their unlucky nature were much despised and killed on sight wherever possible. Unfortunately they are most resilient and unless hit by a weapon made from cold iron are extremely hard to kill. I have seen them lure unsuspecting foes into cactus patches or cliff edges often leading to untimely deaths. Especially at night or in darkened areas where they can see perfectly. A blight upon Gozrehs creation is what they are and although total cowards in the face of any threat upon themselves it is best to avoid the blasted pests till you have favoured ground.

Around 3am Zastoran came back and told me he’d identified one of our potions as a blur spell but he had no idea about the wand. The rest of the night passed fairly uneventfully and Kay took much glee from waking the gnomes early, something they’re still not used to. We met up with Garavel and Almah to inform them of Kay’s findings and my information, news she didn’t take well. She instructed us to track the rest of them down before the caravan was ready to leave tomorrow. Kay, myself and Xuum, Khalid, Nini and Ding set off immediately and soon came across the ruined monastery Kay had told me about in this region. The tracks led straight to it and after a brief scout around Nini sent Piranya inside the ruin to check for danger. Upon signaling the coast was clear, although I don’t know how as I didn’t see any sign of communication between them, we followed the eidolon inside.

While the gnomes searched a bit to the south Kay found a promising doorway in the northwestern wall. Khalid and I followed but it wasn’t too long before Sheeba’s hackles rose at something strange nearby. I immediately sent Xuum to hunt and it wasn’t long before he brought one of those bastard pugwampis to ground under a table in an abandoned kitchen. We all set about killing the little monsters but not before one of them released four deranged apes. Kay took the brunt of the fighting and was wounded several times. Thankfully Khalid had a restorative potion Kay managed to quaff in time. Most of the pugwampis ran off while the apes were regrettably put down. As the fight was calming down everything looked under control until I heard a scream from the room Kay had took shelter in.

Ding's Tarrow Reading #2
Wat wil we find at the Monstry

8 coins: the pugwaffe le who started the fire and left his foot prints

temprance: pogwaffle murdererer is bewitched and can be fond resting here at monstry.. it is bewhitched by the evil power hoo is working with the maried couple or the maried couple themshelves

strenght: the maried couple are near by after the poppie fields (beyond pesh fields). they have fireball or other fire powers we need to watch out. they also have levitate and possible a protection from fire shield.

Kay'Enn's Journal - 09-06-4709
Heading to the Temple

Waking early, I performed my morning acknowledgements to Erastil, and made a small trail breakfast which I ate with Vash. While eating, we noticed Dashki in a nearby field – he appeared to be collecting flowers, so I went to investigate. I must have surprised him by my presence, as he dropped the bunch on the ground. He denied that he was doing anything untowards, but seemed unnerved by my presence and made himself scarce as soon as he could. Before he left, I did observe that he appeared to be better dressed than usual, and somewhat cleaner, which seemed most inexplicable.

Returning to camp, we asked Khalid whether the plants were known to be used in any form of poisonous concoction. He said not.

We were then called to a meeting with Almah at which she expressed her horror and disgust at the presentation of the pugwampi corpse, and demanded that we prove that these creatures were responsible for the death of her sage. Dashki was summoned to reiterate his involvement in the fire, and Nini chose this moment to mention his feelings for Almah – suddenly Dahki’s behaviour in the field that morning seemed much more explicable, as did his lurking behaviour on our first night in camp when we saw him near Almah’s tent. His reaction was one of shock and embarrassment and for once he had no response.

Further accusations of involvement with parties unknown who might be trying to sabotage the caravan’s purpose, and his inability to respond in a convincing fashion, combined with Nini’s original revelations, caused Almah to explode in a rage and order her guards to lock Dashki in irons, which they did forthwith. Nini, trying to calm her, offered her the ornate comb that she had been carving the night before. This had a slight calming effect, but Almah was still resolute that we should track the creatures responsible for the fire, and kill them all, as the caravan was heading out the next morning, to travel to a Ruined Temple of Sarenrae, where we were to establish a base camp for our forays to Kelamerane. A map was provided to us, showing the relative locations of the various buildings in the area, and the monastery in question was known to me, although I had never ventured inside it.

Gathering the party, we headed into the hills on the trail of the other Pugwampis, which after a couple of hours travel led us to the very monastery that was due to be our base camp. After a quick reconnoitre, we sent the Eidolon into a broken opening in the wall of the ruined building. He reported no movement or obvious threats, so we all entered, following him into a long, large Nave with ornate pillars holding the remains of a high ceiling.

Heading through a doorway on the other side of the room, I saw a worn but large statue of Sarenrae in a room ahead and headed forward to see it in more detail, passing a refectory to the right, and a kitchen to the right which had broken crockery and glass and other shards all over its floor.

My investigations were interrupted by shouts from the rest of the party, who, following on behind had been ambushed by some pugwampis lurking in the kitchen. A heated battle ensued during which one of the pugwampis loosed several large apes upon us from an adjoining room – I seemed to take the brunt of the attack, and was soon struggling to keep my feet as their teeth and claws tore into me. Retreating as best I could, I was able to grab a proffered potion bottle from Khalid, which was fortunate, as the rest of his potions had been shattered by some arcane magic cast by one of the pugwampis. I took refuge in the refectory to drink it, and tipping my head back to allow it’s healing balm to slip soothingly down my throat, I was horrified to see above me, hanging from a thread as thick as a piece of twine, a large spider, whose multiple eyes beheld me with a voracious predatory look that chilled my blood. I had just enough time to drop the empty potion bottle and let out a cry before the beast was on me!

Nini Gnome Survival Guide
Gnome Survival Guide

Rule Numver wun
Humans do not like fire inside shop! No start fire near shop :)

Rule Numver too
Dragons growl very loud and make you run if you touch pretty things in lair! No touch Dragon pretty :)
…..Dragons scared of spiders…..Note…..

Rule Numver free
Gnolls sneak up on camp in the night! No adventure without Gnoll protectors to kill kill kill:)
…..Light very big fire circle and stay in middle…..Note…..

Rule Numver fore
Flying Imps are fun to play with! No trust Flying Imp, poohf and disappear, tricky.
…..Flying Imps do not like silver or good…..Note…..

Rule Numver fiyv
Rangers grow lines over eye hair and flap sword about when boots pink! No pink boot Rangers :)
…..Must help Ranger grow lines up on mouth…..Note…..

Rule Numver sicks
Pretty Human Lady have lovely material things! No touch pretty things :)
…..Speak when spoken by pretty human lady?…..Note…..

Rule Numver severn
Humans smile big after toasted marshmallow! Carry marshmallow :)
…..Talking good after marshmallow…..Note…..

Ding's Tarrow Reading #1
Hoo kiled the fortoon teller

finly arived at the caraven.. there was a fire ready started wen we got ther.. it waznt Ninnie as she was right beside me
the fortoon tellr died in the fire :-( mey he rest cooler in the efter life
i have applied for the pozition.. i am stil prooving mi skill.

card reding on ‘hoo kiled the fortoon teller’

  • maried couple hoo working with evil power (they wer given some potons)
  • deth off fortoon tellr on tree stump with lots off smoke coming out
  • maried couple in a tower balcanie… happy wit kill_

we spok too guards and animal carrers hoo wer maried… they didnt do it.

Vash's Notes: Into the Fire
Kay'Enn takes on more burdens

8th Saranith 4709

We came across the sultans claw and met Garavels employer, Almah. She appears a wise and thoughtfull woman but not immune to the gnomes angering games. Unfortunately the claw itself was ablaze as we arrived and we rushed immediately to help. Xuum was next to useless with his inexperience but my creation of water was a boon, cascading gout’s of blessed life-giving liquid in Gozrehs name. During the commotion Khalids Imp prisoner escaped and danced among the flames frustrating him to no end until it got bored, disappeared and left. Hopefully never to be seen again. Thankfully Kay suggested we drench the tree ahead of the flames or otherwise the whole thing may have gone up.

A man named Olowas died in the fire we later discovered. He was trapped inside the wagon with the door locked from the outside. Large bird type tracks were found outside, some suggested it was the work of demonic chickens although I have my doubts. Kay surmised the fire was probably started by candles in the wagon. It was around this time that the gnomes became a pain again, disrupting the camp site and upsetting our prospective employer. Kay took it upon himself to look after them, a decision that may come back to haunt him I fear. I’ve tried to tell him over and over, nature vs nurture, nature vs nurture, nature will win every-time. A fact he is still to learn. Maybe its just human stubbornness that keeps them blind this way. I hope he will come to his senses before they lead to his death.

Almah invited us to attend a meeting and laid out her plans for the caravan but first was interested in finding out the root of the fire attack on the camp. She believes it was no accident and I too feel very little happens without cause. I think Kay later decided to head off into the wilderness tracking the strange marks. A rash decision I feel, although one he probably came to when seeking some solace from the frantic wailing’s of his two charges. I will no doubt see him tomorrow, he is an experienced hunter and capable of looking after himself.

I met Zorastan, Almahs alchemist who seems to focus on compounds and elements for his healing rather than the abundance that Gozreh provides around us. I tried to explain and demonstrate on some injured humans but he soon lost interest. Khalid expressed his desire to become the mans apprentice so I arranged the meeting which looks to have gone well as he hasn’t returned yet. Meanwhile I will keep an eye on the injured in camp.


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