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    finly arived at the caraven.. there was a fire ready started wen we got ther.. it waznt Ninnie as she was right beside me the fortoon tellr died in the fire :-( mey he rest cooler in the efter life i have applied for the pozition.. i am stil prooving …

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    8 coins: the pugwaffe le who started the fire and left his foot prints temprance: pogwaffle murdererer is bewitched and can be fond resting here at monstry.. it is bewhitched by the evil power hoo is working with the maried couple or the maried …

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    *Wat do we need to look for in the Moinstry* 9 of sords: Hidden 6 of wands: Diamond of Fire knight of coyns: by a guard (pretecter/knight).. posisblie pretecter off childron

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    *Navegatng throgh the cripts* wen Nini and me went into the monks cripts (which is behind the sceret door behind the saint) we whent down the stares and cam acros a cros intasection. wit the choose of 3 coridors we uset the Tarrow to gide us the rite …

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    *What are we going to find in this neu area (entrence/inside church hall)* Five of Wans: Beware Snakes Ace of Cups: A cermonal cup, and charms The High Priestess: at the alter, with a madic scroll

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    *What are we gong to find in Room of cwarters* sefan of cups: burnt Alcemist (by litning) nite of cups: green maze in the trees fife of coyns: fiter stuff (like shield, sword or lance)

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    h6. Wat r we going to finde in the chapel? *ace of Curps* - ceramonial chalace and bred circles(u no, the ones you put on your tung) *10 of wands* - surrounded by fire ... chalace must pretect from fire *3 of curps* - there is 3 of them