Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire







Having vanquished the demon below the Temple of Sarenrae, the heroes are called upon to help a caravan which was under attack from a group of well trained Gnoll warriors. The heroes quickly ride out and dispatch the Gnoll band. As the dust settles, the heroes are then able to rescue a number of caravan guards and merchants and a strange fellow who claims to be a messenger from Sarenrae. The man, identifying himself only as Sayfid, requests an audience with Almah herself stating that he had a message for her.

Upon arrival, Sayfid explains to Almah that there is a great disturbance in the north. The Carrion King has banded together all of the Gnoll tribes under the one banner. The Carrion King sees himself as ruler of Katapesh, and aims to destroy all that Almah has build in Kelmarane. Sayfid claims that the Carrion King now prepares an army to take Kelmarane and then use it as a jump off point for further destruction of the human lands, and eventually, the City of Katapesh itself.

Zayifid further explains that the Carrion Kings army is preparing in a place called the House of the Beast, a know ancient temple to the Rough Beast, Rovagug. He suggests that if she has the courage, now, while the Carrion King prepares his army, would be the best time to strike and rid Golarion of the Carrion King once and for all.

With that, Zayifid leaves stating that his message is delivered. The heroes become wary of the man when Khalid can find no aura regarding his true nature.

The heroes then prepare, collect Nini (who decides to let Ding stay with the store) and begin their quest into the mountains under the guiance of Kay’enn and Vash…

Character Recollections



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