Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Adventure Summary XXI






Kay’enn, Khallid, Vash and Zuum continue their attack on the Battlemarket downing the four Gnolls who held their position in the barricaded room.

The three move up and as a pack of our Gnolls block any chance of escape, a larger Flind appears from being invisible to disarm Vash

Thinking nothing of it Vash and Zuum combine their efforts and bring down the creature.

As Kay’enn moves into a flanking position, an enlarged Kardswann appears before him, striking a blow to the half elf. Kay’enn backs away while Zuum and Vash attempt to subdue the powerful Genie lord. The Genie swipes at Vash, dropping him to his knees in two swift strokes of his alien looking Great Axe. As Khallid deals with the four gnolls, he spots Kardswann and understands exactly what he must do.

As Zuum continues his attack against the Genie, Khallid approaches, gives a rousing speech and calling upon the power of Saranrae, brings the Genie down is one motion. As Kardswann falls, he apologizes for his actions, and claims that Vardishal (Khallid) must rid Kelmarane of Xuthos, a demon who is trapped under the Church Sarenrae. Khallid forgives the Genie for his transgressions and blesses him before his soul is taken by Sarenrae.

Character Recollections



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