Pathfinder - Legacy of Fire

Adventure Summary XXII






With the Battlemarket now clear, the heroes set about to ensure that the entirety of Kelmarane was clear of evil doers. In the mean time, Nini and Ding take up residence at an abandoned shop nearby to the Temple of Sarenrae. Their shop, entitled “One of Everything” would be a haven for travellers and like minded adventurers to get replacements for those lost and much needed items. Their sales pitch, to sell one of everything – including only one of anything with a pair.

As dusk settled, the Gnomes bunker down in their newly acquired store, while Kay’enn, Khalid and Vash (with Zuum) settled into the tower to keep a watchful eye on the Kelmarane surrounds. In the distance, the heroes catch a glimpse of a few camp fires in the hills, obvious being the Gnolls who fled the town. Nini and Ding set themselves up and activate an alarm spell near the front door. Unfortunately it was not enough as their placement allowed for some undead Gnoll Ghouls to enter their shop, each on the hunt for flesh.

With the held of a fire elemental, and some well placed spells, the Gnome vanquished the undead spawn, but not before falling victim to their disease soaked claws. The remaining party members, having heard the alarm in the distance, quickly rushed to their aid, just in time to bring Nini and Ding back from certain death.

Kay’enn tracked the Ghouls to the Temple of Sarenrae and each of the group agreed to keep a watchful eye on the complex overnight. The Gnomes agreed to stay with the group in the tower. The remainder of the evening was uneventful.

The heroes then began their plot to liberate the Temple and deal with whatever menace was lurking there. Upon entering, the heroes are confronted by a bizarre scene. A Priest of Sarenrae was nailed to a large holy symbol of the Dawnflower its body limp from obviously hours of exhaustion and torture. Standing at the end near the Alter was none other than Zakhan, the Undead Genie, and now Great Ghoul.

The battle was swift and the heroes easily dispatched the creature, but not before discovering that the Priest of Saranrae was nothing more than a Heuveca, disguised in a way to trick the heroes. At the conclusion of the battle, the Great Ghoul claimed to Vardishal (Khalid) that he had finally been released and that he would again be at his masters side, just as his remaining flesh and bones turned to dust.

With Kelmarane now clear, the heroes give signal to Almah and her team to enter the town. Khalid, however, was not convinced, and could sense a lingering evil within the temple. Perhaps it was something that would require further inspection.

Upon the arrival of Almnah, the heroes explain what they had done and that Kelmarane was now free. Khalid spoke up and asked to be able to rid the Temple of whatever evil was below. Almah again advised that the heroes were not yet ready, and offered each an opportunity to help rebuild Kelmarane.

Kay’enn claimed that he would prefer to return to Fort Longjaw in an attempt to convince the Severed Paw to move their operations from Fort Longjaw to Kelmarane. Vash claimed that he had little interest in politics, but would be happy to help scout the surrounding areas and gather intelligence on Gnoll movements as well as other points of interest in the surrounding deserts and mountains. Nini and Ding agree that they would prefer to remain as shop owners, although Ding did agree to act as an adviser to Princess Almah. Khalid however was more concerned with the evil that lurked beneath the town and was eager to deal with its presence. For this reason, Khalid agreed to help establish a garrison of Holy warriors, loyal to Kelmarane and to Saraenrae.

Character Recollections



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