RULES - Skills (Heal)

Long-Term Care:

Providing long-term care means treating a wounded person for a day or more. If your Heal check is successful, the patient recovers hit points or ability score points lost to ability damage at twice the normal rate: 2 hit points per level for a full 8 hours of rest in a day, or 4 hit points per level for each full day of complete rest; 2 ability score points for a full 8 hours of rest in a day, or 4 ability score points for each full day of complete rest.

You can tend to as many as six patients at a time, and each check counts towards one of the options available (i.e. Hit Points recovered OR Attribute Damage restored). A healer may treat both in the one time period, however this check results in one less patient that may be treated during that period. If one of the injury types is not treated with long term care, it heals as normal.

You need a few items and supplies (bandages, salves, and so on) that are easy to come by in settled lands. Giving long-term care counts as light activity for the healer. You cannot give long-term care to yourself.

Long term care may be provided during a period of rest without affecting sleep or spell recovery. A character may be assisted with up to two other characters. A character who is providing this treatment (or assisting) must not be receiving treatment of this type himself.

RULES - Skills (Heal)

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