The Severed Paw

The Severed Paw is a specialized group of gnoll hunters who operate out of Fort Longjaw. Giana Secondstride, the stockade’s de facto leader, also heads this organization of elite trackers and fighters. Fort Longjaw’s denizens work to supply, maintain, and defend the stockade, but only the most experienced and proven warriors—ones who display a deep and unswerving hatred of gnolls—join the ranks of the Severed Paw.

Goal: Death to All Gnolls

Survival of the fittest is a key expression used by many within the ranks of the Severed Paw. Primarily consisting of hunters and trackers, all specialising in the complete eradication of gnoll-kind, the organisation’s aim is survive long enough to see ever last gnoll removed from the face of Golarion. The Severed Paw also collect hard to find weaponry, ammunition and magical items created specifically to defend themselves from any gnoll threat. The Severed Paw also specialises in information pertaining to the whereabouts of gnoll tribes, the movement of gnoll raiding parties and locations of gnoll religious sites in particular those of Lamashtu. Members are encouraged to share this information with other individuals who are found to be of good characters, or who have the right coin. The later is not used to line the pockets of the organisations leaders, but is a way to purchase most supplies for their fight against the gnolls.

Alignment: CG

Generally the members of the Severed Paw are good, hardworking people. It is true that many members of the Severed Paw include many isolationists and survivalists, but most members of people who have seen the bad end of a gnolls maw on more than one occasion, or have lost friends, family and loved ones to the ravenous horde who prey of weary travellers and isolated villages.

Although not well endowed with profits, or even financially driven at all, The Severed Paw can gain access to much needed supplies, guides, and information that an explorer, hunter or traveller could need. The Severed Paw also have access to a wide array of weapons and equipment suited to assist in hunting of gnolls and their kin.

The Severed Paw cares little for politics or religion and for the most part believe that even magic has no place in the wilderness. The only exception to this would be to the Druids who commune with the deserts and the wildlife that lives within its interior as it is well known that a Druid by your side is a welcome friend on a hot and lonely hunt.


Travellers who come upon Fort Longjaw are met with guarded hospitality. Giana Secondstride (CG female human ranger 8) allows travellers to spend a night in the fort, but asks for donations to offset the cost of maintaining the stockade. She waives this fee for those in obvious distress, particularly any who have fallen afoul of a gnoll ambush. Giana subjects travellers who report such attacks to extended interrogations—she demands specific details on where the attack occurred, how many gnolls there were, what the gnolls wore and what weapons they used, and anything else that might be of use in hunting the attackers down. If Giana suspects a visitor is lying to gain her hospitality, she furiously strips them of their weapons and provisions and sends them out into the desert alone.

Good Class Choices

Fighters, Rangers

Challenging Class Choices

Clerics, Sorcerers, Wizards


Northeast of Solku, near the Brazen Peaks, a wooden stockade stands as a symbol against gnoll aggression. The proud red flag that flaps above the fort displays a bleached white jawbone divided by a silver sword. The men and women of Fort Longjaw dedicate themselves to driving back gnoll raiding parties and destroying gnoll settlements wherever they lurk. Led by Giana Secondstride, the residents of Fort Longjaw perfect their gnoll-fighting abilities every day by scouting the area for miles in every direction, hunting for slaver tracks, setting up false “lost caravans” to act as decoys, and interrogating travellers about any signs of gnoll activity.

Although the locals, especially those in Solku, respect and admire the fighters of Fort Longjaw, they tend to avoid the stockade. Giana reputedly has a short temper, a thirst for blood, and a passionate hatred of the creatures she hunts. Her intense personality can come off as frightening to strangers, and tales of her outbursts keep casual visitors from approaching the stockade. Giana cares little for her lack of visitors, and in fact enjoys the solitude. The well-stocked fort has dried rations, barrels of water and ale, bushels of arrows, and stockpiled weapons and armour taken from dead gnolls—enough to keep the fort self-sufficient for at least 2 months.


Membership of the Severed Paw is left entirely for Giana Secondstride to decide, and she is also the one who trains and directs the Severed Paw. The organization undertakes small, specific, and highly dangerous raids on key gnoll settlements. Severed Paw members must display singular stealth, patience, and combat prowess to contribute to the group. Secondstride rarely trusts anyone, but she routinely places her life in the hands of the Severed Paw.

Gaining Prestige

Achieving goals that lead to the destruction of the Gnoll menace which invades much of Katapesh’s wilderness and mountain ranges is good way of getting on the good side of the Severed Paw. Although limited in resources, the Severed Paw does give its members access to lodging, survival equipment, information and at a pinch, a small band of followers eager to spill gnoll blood.


The Severed Paw has very little in the way of resources, but plies their trade in the sale of information specifically concerning gnoll tribes in the surrounding Katapesh countryside. The Severed Paw does have a strong code to protect the weak and often supplies food, water and survival equipment to those in need. Members of the Severed Paw are highly loyal towards each other and members often share information and weapons in the self proclaimed war against the gnolls. The Severed Paw has a long reach across Katapesh with members all over the country ready to take up arms at a moments notice against any gnoll invasion from the Brazen Peaks, or from any attack by gnoll raiders in unprotected communities.

The Severed Paw itself has existed for many years in one form or another but came to fame when a dedicated gnoll force attacked Fort Longjaw some 30 years ago. The battle was long and hard, but the horde was eventually fought off. Thus Fort Longjaw became a bastion of hope against the country’s gnoll threat. The Severed Paw only operates within the country of Katapesh, however its members over the years have sprawled out across the world into neighbouring Osirion and have small pockets of influence in Qadira and even as far as Thuvia to the north-west.

The Severed Paw

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